Maria Kruse

Maria Kruse

Product Owner – Product & Development

What do you do at Looklet? 

I currently have two roles; one as Product Owner and one as manager.

In my role as Product Owner at Looklet I set and communicate vision and goals for my area. I make sure we have clear priorities, balancing requests from customers with what I see is needed for long term development.

In my role as a manager I help my teams create an environment where they can grow, have fun and deliver high quality.

What did you do before Looket? 

A lot of things, I have a MsC in Computer science from KTH and started out as software developer at a tech startup. I liked that! But I guess I am a little restless; there is so much to learn and I have had the opportunity to try out a lot of things in different roles; QA Engineer, Key Account Manager, Business Analyst and two short missions as Information Management Officer for UN.

On paper different roles and even if the context has been very different, all of them have been very similar; identifying and solving problems and relations.

How has your career developed since you started at Looklet? 

Let’s start by define career.

For me it is to have the option to do things I care for, learn new things and get payed to do it. All my colleagues here are stars. Hardworking, humble stars.

Photographers, Software developers, Key Account Managers; very different competences and each one is needed.

I see a respect for knowledge which inspires me to try new things and work a little harder. Being around these stars, who listen to me and teach me things makes me feel like a star. And judging from the type of job offers I get now compared to the ones I got before it seems that the outside world also agrees that the things I am learning here are valuable.



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